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Do you work for your bra? Or does your bra work for you?

Let's start with your current relationship with your bra.
What does that look like?

Do the strap fall off your shoulders when you move?

Does it ride up in the back?

Do you have a "muffin top" over your bra cups? Or "fat pads" under your arms?

Does it leave groves in your shoulders?

Does it have underwires that pinches, bruise, or gouge?

Do your breast bounce when you walk?

If you answered yes to any of these - you will LOVE these bras!

Lift You Up, Not Let You Down!

"85% of women wear the wrong size bra!" 
But more importantly, you need a bra to do what it is supposed to do - lift you up, not let you down!

Support the Girls!

Department store bras typically come in only 32 cup sizes. So the average woman in search for the right cup, tends to go up in the band size (30-32-34-36-38-40-42-44-46).  Then the bra rides up in the back, and dumps her down in the front. Our custom fitted bras come in 5 styles with a total of 315 cup sizes. So large or small, we can fit you all.We have AA to N cups and every band size from 26-52
We can also refer you to have a custom-made bra up to 60JJ.  Email for more information.  Ordinary bras on the market today are only covers and give no support or direction.  Because the breast is composed of fatty tissue and has no muscle, gravity pulls the breast tissue down, and also stretches the throat and neck tissue, giving your breasts the "ski slope" look.  Breast disease is more likely when there is no circulation and or proper lymphatic drainage.  Underwires can reduce circulation and drainage.  Don't wear underwires.  A properly designed bra lifts and supports the breast - providing more comfort and resulting in better posture.

A proper bra reshapes the smaller breasted woman and stops any further damage to the larger woman's breast by fitting each in a truly supportive bra of the correct size that re-establishes tone and shape.

If you need distance fitting information email me at
If you are near Southern Utah and want a fitting appointment email me or message me on facebook or IG @ My Fit - Custom Bra

Le Unique Bras Work!

Why and How the Le Unique Bras Work

The Le Unique custom-fitted bra is not an ordinary bra. It does not use wires or pads because it does not need them for support or to produce its unbelievable results.

Muscles do not support the breast. Skin actually supports the breast, and skin stretches. When skin stretches, allowing the breast to drop (the shear weight of the breast tissue stretches, and enlarges the breast), breast tissue becomes pulled and stretched. Wearing a good support bra is essential to minimizing this condition.

Pressure points are also a factor in the health of the bust. When a bra is worn for more than one day in a row, the pressure points on the bust keeps rubbing and irritating the same place. This is believed to be one of the causes of breast problems. You should alternate ordinary bras to prevent pressure against the same area of the breast.

This is not so with Le Unique bras, because the “Thrust Principle” brings all of the breast tissue forward, and up from around the rib cage through the triangle, and the bust weight rests on the banderin. Our 5 bra comes in more than 315 different sizes allowing the bust to be properly fitted in the right cup size.

By measuring properly, determining the customer’s correct size, a personalized fitting results in a truly beautiful and comfortable fit.

Bras are custom-fitted, not custom-made.

If you need distance fitting information email me at
If you are near Southern Utah and want a fitting appointment email me or message me on facebook or IG @ My Fit - Custom Bra

The "Perfect" Bra

The Original Bra

Features of the Orginal Bra

  • Deep ridges in shoulders
  • Cups not large enough to accommodate the breast
  • Bulges in back
  • No support to give uplift
  • Straps fall off shoulders
  • Bra rides up in the back
  • Flesh falls onto midriff and out under the arms

The Custom Fit - "Perfect" Bra 

Our custom fitted bras are unlike any bra you have ever worn.  Le Unique bras are the perfect answer for everyday wear, and Le Unique has specialty bras for nursing and athletics.
The secret? It's the exclusive patented Air-O-Flex Banderin® under the breast that creates a "shelf-type" support to encourage delicate bust tissue up and forward into the cup area, supporting and directing the bust.
The Air-O-Flex Banderin® is composed of three layers; two outer layers of anti-absorbent material and a center section of EVA with perforations for a cooling, breathing effect. The Air-O-Flex Banderin® moulds to fit and support each breast according to its size and shape using your natural body heat  The bandarin directional guides creat a trianglular space to hold you forward - directly out from the body, as nature intended.

The fuller-figured woman will experience a sleeker figure and reduce any further damage to the shoulders, back and arms.  The smaller busted woman will look better defined and lifted.  Below are pictures of what a custom-fitted bra can do for you. 

Come on - Which one looks better??

Features of a "Perfect" Bra

  • The supportive triangle and the cups must encompass all the breast tissue.
  • Support must be from beneath the breast, not by the shoulder straps.
  • There must be no pressure to redirect the breast and restrict circulation.
  • The support should be firm enough to take out most of the motion of the breast during walking and other activity.
  • The bra should be constructed of soft fabric, custom-fitted to each woman's size and configuration.
  • There should be no wires or stays to gouge or bruise delicate tissue.
  • The breast position should be supported so the apex (nipple) of the breast is halfway between the shoulder and elbow.
  • Once the breast is lifted, the shoulders come back and posture is greatly improved.
  • The best supportive bras have an inner support triangle that positions and supports the breast. 

The different styles

J40's in Beige, Black, & White
Size available from 30B to 46EE
Smooth cup 
Best fit for wide shoulders - more space between breast
Under-breast support curves around rib cage

310's smooth cup in Beige, White, & Black
Size available from 28CCD to 42III 
(CCD is simpler to USA sizing of an A cup)
Smooth cup
Best Fit for narrow shoulders - breast close together
If you bra straps are always falling off your shoulders - you'll love this bra

300's in Beige, Cream, & Black
Same fit as 310's but more support
Size available from 28CCD to 42III
Best Fit for narrow shoulders - breast close together
If you bra straps are always falling off your shoulders - you'll love this bra

J30's in Black, Beige, & White
Size available from 30B to 46KK
Most supportive
Best fit for wide shoulders - more space between breast
Under-breast support curves around rib cage
Best fit for larger breast

If you need distance fitting information email me at
If you are near Southern Utah and want a fitting appointment email me or message me on facebook or IG both @ My Fit - Custom Bra

Who Should Wear This Bra = Every Women

Every woman, from puberty on throughout life, should wear a properly fitted, custom-fitted bra, just as she would wear properly fitted shoes. 
This helps her to not only feel better, but she can enjoy better health through a very vital step in proper breast care.

Teenage Figure
The teenage girl needs to have a bra that will provide her with support and direction so that she can continue to keep the loveliness of her youthful figure. Her breast tissue needs to be properly positioned and supported, which only the proper bra can provide.

Sports Minded Figure
When a woman is active in sports, the breast tissue will be subjected to a great deal of movement. The proper bra will counteract the effects motion play upon the stretching of delicate bust tissue.

Mother-To-Be Figure
The pregnant woman is experiencing many changes in her body. The proper fitting bra can help provide gentle and firm support to aid the increase in the breast’s fullness.

Nursing Mother's
Most nursing bras are have little to no support.  These nursing bras - fit proper, provide gentle and firm support, have not underwire, prevent nursing pad movement, and provide easy/fast feeding access. Seriously - the BEST nursing bra ever!!

A woman who has undergone a mastectomy has special needs. A correctly fitted bra can assure that the prosthesis can be worn with comfort and security and that the woman has renewed confidence and self-esteem.

The Smaller Figure
A small-busted woman usually does not make the most of what she has. She usually wears a padded bra that gives her a false front. It also flattens and spreads her breast tissue over her chest wall, and impedes circulation throughout the tissue. Separating the breast can cause mastitis and other health problems especially during pregnancy or lactation.

The Normal Figure
Most of these women buy bras that not only do not adequately support and protect their breast, but the bras they wear are really a source of irritation as well. Through the years they develop pendulous, matronly looking breast because of a lack of proper support from their bras. The breast tissue moves with each step in an ill-fitted bra so that the collagenous fibers supporting the tissue is stretched or broken, stretch marks are visible in the skin. The breast tissue is displaced under the arms, down the midriff and into a now pendulous bust line. A properly fitted bra, worn through the years, will keep that youthful figure a woman desires.

The Large Endowed Breast
The fuller figured woman has the greatest problem for finding a bra that really fits and supports. The extra weight of her breast not only compounds the problems previously mentioned, but makes it nearly impossible, in today’s marketplace, to find a bra that fits correctly. Most bras only provide support by being suspended from a sliding shoulder strap. The pressure makes deep, painful grooves in women’s shoulders. Elastic straps progressively stretch, causing the problems described above. The weight of the breasts can also cause posture problems.

The correctly fitted bra on the other hand provided proper support, relief from sore shoulders. It minimizes the appearance of the fuller figure by facilitating improved drainage of accumulated breast fluid afforded by improved circulation. She looks thinner and is more comfortable.

Health Considerations
An improper ill-fitting bra gives little or no support, and distorts the breast tissue. It will often impeding circulation, and in extreme cases, divide the tissue of the breast into separate glandular masses. An ill-fitting bra displaces the breast tissue pushing it under the arm, flattening it farther over the chest wall, or allowing the figure to become droopy and pendulous.

Most bras tend to constrict both the blood circulation, and the type of lymphatic drainage from the breast, which may play a major part in breast disease. The breast is subject to movement, and stretches due to the pull of gravity with every step if not properly supported. The least a woman should do is perform monthly self-breast examinations, and wear a properly fitted orthopedic type bra to give proper support.


What to do with your old bras. . .

 I am so very excited to be part of this great organization - Free The Girls!

Now after you get fitted with me and find a new great bra - 
You can then donate ALL those old bras 
from your Bra Graveyard (because we both know you have one!)

Donate those old bras to a great cause -
Free The Girls takes your donated bras and using them to provide job opportunities to women rescued from sex trafficking.   Now that is something you can feel good about, right!?

Check them out at

How I found these amazing Bras!!

I have always had much bigger breast than I ever wanted.  
Even as an active teenager I felt like my breast were just always in the way.

In 2007 I had my first baby.
 I knew I wanted to breast-feed my baby.  But I also knew I was going back to work soon.  I am an Exercise Physiologist with my Master degree in Sports Conditioning and Performance.  Which means not only have a baby to chase after now, but I have a very active job I have to keep up with.
Like most breast-feeding women - my breast only got bigger for the event!  I tired to find a nursery bra to support the girls - not only to help with the pain involved in breast-feeding but also the fact that I need to be able to sprint/jump/run/hop everyday at work and would rather not hold my breast while doing so (I do train mostly teenage boys).  But I tired every nursing bra I could find and never found anything close to these! 

I found a business card at the local women's gym that said "Custom Fit Bra" and even said nursing bras.
I called the lady, she rocked!  She came to my house with a bunch of big boxes measured me and taught me how the bras worked.  From the first time I put them on I knew this is what I had been looking for!  I NEEDED this bra!!  Not only was it a nursing bra but, my breast where up where the belonged.  They did not move at all.  The bra has a what I call a built in shelf (no stabbing underwire) that totally support the breast and They Do Not Move!!  
They we were pricey for my budget at the time.  But really until then I my life I would only were Victory Secret bras (I thought they where the only ones who made ones big enough) which meant I would spend around $50 at least 3-4 times a years.  "These bras cost more pre bra but last way longer."  I was told. Boy have I found that to be true!!
They cost less than a new pair of shoes
last longer and make you feel/look even better.  

Since that first day of finding the most Amazing Bra and I have changed sizes MANY times.  
I now have THREE baby boys. (Nursed each for a year)

And have completed a few marathons and about a dozen half marathons.

Which means my bra size has changed LOTS over the last 8 years.  Every time I needed a new bra it became harder and harder to find someone to fit me and buy from.  After this last event of many many hours trying to find someone, I decided heck I should just start selling them if no one else does within 500 miles of my house.  
I totally believe in them and if I can help other women feel this much better about themselves than I totally want to. 

So now let me help you - Get Your Girls Back to Were They Belong!

If you need distance fitting information email me at
If you are near Southern Utah and want a fitting appointment email me or message me on facebook or IG @ My Fit - Custom Bras