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Le Unique Bras Work!

Why and How the Le Unique Bras Work

The Le Unique custom-fitted bra is not an ordinary bra. It does not use wires or pads because it does not need them for support or to produce its unbelievable results.

Muscles do not support the breast. Skin actually supports the breast, and skin stretches. When skin stretches, allowing the breast to drop (the shear weight of the breast tissue stretches, and enlarges the breast), breast tissue becomes pulled and stretched. Wearing a good support bra is essential to minimizing this condition.

Pressure points are also a factor in the health of the bust. When a bra is worn for more than one day in a row, the pressure points on the bust keeps rubbing and irritating the same place. This is believed to be one of the causes of breast problems. You should alternate ordinary bras to prevent pressure against the same area of the breast.

This is not so with Le Unique bras, because the “Thrust Principle” brings all of the breast tissue forward, and up from around the rib cage through the triangle, and the bust weight rests on the banderin. Our 5 bra comes in more than 315 different sizes allowing the bust to be properly fitted in the right cup size.

By measuring properly, determining the customer’s correct size, a personalized fitting results in a truly beautiful and comfortable fit.

Bras are custom-fitted, not custom-made.

If you need distance fitting information email me at
If you are near Southern Utah and want a fitting appointment email me or message me on facebook or IG @ My Fit - Custom Bra


  1. I'm baffled by your website. How does one actually order a bra from you? I'm looking for details on sizing and prices. Thank you!

  2. Because my bras are very unique and come in many more sizes than the topical US stores, on-line ordering without a fitting only ends in ordering the wrong size. Because of these facts I always have all my ladies do a fitting first. Fittings can be in person or through email/snail mail. If you are not in the Southern Utah area, sending me and email at is that best way to get a distance fitting set-up. Sorry it is different than most on-line ordering and maybe confusing, but it's the mode I have found that really works the best for my clients. Thanks!

  3. Do you do small bust bras? I'm looking for 36 AA