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How I found these amazing Bras!!

I have always had much bigger breast than I ever wanted.  
Even as an active teenager I felt like my breast were just always in the way.

In 2007 I had my first baby.
 I knew I wanted to breast-feed my baby.  But I also knew I was going back to work soon.  I am an Exercise Physiologist with my Master degree in Sports Conditioning and Performance.  Which means not only have a baby to chase after now, but I have a very active job I have to keep up with.
Like most breast-feeding women - my breast only got bigger for the event!  I tired to find a nursery bra to support the girls - not only to help with the pain involved in breast-feeding but also the fact that I need to be able to sprint/jump/run/hop everyday at work and would rather not hold my breast while doing so (I do train mostly teenage boys).  But I tired every nursing bra I could find and never found anything close to these! 

I found a business card at the local women's gym that said "Custom Fit Bra" and even said nursing bras.
I called the lady, she rocked!  She came to my house with a bunch of big boxes measured me and taught me how the bras worked.  From the first time I put them on I knew this is what I had been looking for!  I NEEDED this bra!!  Not only was it a nursing bra but, my breast where up where the belonged.  They did not move at all.  The bra has a what I call a built in shelf (no stabbing underwire) that totally support the breast and They Do Not Move!!  
They we were pricey for my budget at the time.  But really until then I my life I would only were Victory Secret bras (I thought they where the only ones who made ones big enough) which meant I would spend around $50 at least 3-4 times a years.  "These bras cost more pre bra but last way longer."  I was told. Boy have I found that to be true!!
They cost less than a new pair of shoes
last longer and make you feel/look even better.  

Since that first day of finding the most Amazing Bra and I have changed sizes MANY times.  
I now have THREE baby boys. (Nursed each for a year)

And have completed a few marathons and about a dozen half marathons.

Which means my bra size has changed LOTS over the last 8 years.  Every time I needed a new bra it became harder and harder to find someone to fit me and buy from.  After this last event of many many hours trying to find someone, I decided heck I should just start selling them if no one else does within 500 miles of my house.  
I totally believe in them and if I can help other women feel this much better about themselves than I totally want to. 

So now let me help you - Get Your Girls Back to Were They Belong!

If you need distance fitting information email me at
If you are near Southern Utah and want a fitting appointment email me or message me on facebook or IG @ My Fit - Custom Bras


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  2. How can I find help near me. Fulton, Missouri and desperate for some help. Currently a 32 G but nothing fits right and the wires hurt.

  3. So how do I contact you to order a bra?

    1. Email me at
      Or send me a message on FB or IG